Favorite Posts

Since I’ve decided to post every day of 2011, there are a lot of posts of my blog. Not all of them, unfortunately, are my best work. Because there are now so many posts, my favorites get lost among the others, so I thought I’d gather up the ones I find most important and post links here.


What is it with Restrooms?
What We Want, Not What We Can Win
And Why Should I Not Be Allowed to Run for President?
How Much Can ENDA Really Do? And Is Formal Legal Equality the Right Goal?
Don’t Tell Me You “Don’t See Race”
The Importance of Preferred Pronouns
Why I Disagree with Obama About Discrimination
“Open” Does Not Mean “Cheating”
POOR Magazine and HomefulnessThe New Jim Crow: The #1 Book I Recommend
Support CeCe!
Just $1 to Support CeCe
Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Maybe Not So Much
Support the Hunger Strikers at Pelican Bay
What’s Really Going On In Boystown
Dirty Water Kills More People Than Violence
Regardless What Happens With Hurricaine Irene, Rikers Island Will Not Be Evacuated


Legitimacy and Being Korean
In Honor of National Coming Out Day
New Year’s Resolutions for 2011
I Want To Be Blaine Anderson — I would love to perform like Darren Criss’ Glee character Blaine
Another Year Passes: Letting Go of the Grief and Guilt
If I Won The Lottery — What would you do?
Riki Wilchins Is My Hero — I met Riki Wilchins; she is so amazing.
No More “Wish I May”
Today I Went To Prison
Thank You, Genderqueer Chicago
Shows and Court Dates: Losing Faith In People and Learning to Believe Again
Breaking Down The Facade Of Acceptance: Admitting I Feel Lost
If I Knew In High School What I Know Now
I Just Can’t Do This Right Now
Theatre For Life: Coming Home Again
Vulnerability and Being Forgettable
Beta Wolf Behavior
Bryn Mawr is a women’s college. What does that mean to you?
“Us” versus “Them”
The Hardest Battle Which Any Human Being Can Fight
The Kind Of Politics I Value


Coming Out With Pride
By Your Life You Tell Me It Can Be Done
Culture Shock at Work: Leaving My Queer/Trans Bubble
Being Scared of Losing My Voice and Letting Go of That Fear
T and a New World: Singing On Stage For The Last Time
Got My First Shot Of T!
Searching for Connection, or Looking for Heartbreak?
Two Weeks On T!
Starting T: What I’m Looking Forward To
Three Months Until Top Surgery! 


Not “Normal”
Why I Am Queer
What If Being Gay Is A Choice? 

TJLP (The Transformative Justice Law Project)

Success at the Daley Center! — TJLP’s Name Change Mobilization and my own personal legal name change
The Most Amazing Person I’ve Ever Met — Owen Daniel-McCarter, of the Transformative Justice Law Project, is utterly admirable and fabulous and amazing.
I Love TJLP — Why I Love TJLP
The Chance to Make a Difference: Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois — A letter from TJLP about what they’re doing and how you can donate
TJLP: “I Have Been Changed For Good.” — TJLP has changed my life.

Hot Wall

Rocking the Hot Wall, Post-BMC-Style — My explanation of what this whole Hot Wall thing is
Hot Wall: Alex KingstonDoctor Who‘s River Song; I adore her.
Hot Wall: John Barrowman — He is so fabulous . . . and he was also on Doctor Who
The Goddess That Is Katharine Hepburn — I went to Bryn Mawr; how could I not include our most famous alum?
The Magic That Is Darren Criss — From A Very Potter Musical (and A Very Potter Sequel) to Glee, Darren Criss is totally awesome and supermegafoxyawesomehot (to use a few AVPM/AVPS phrases).
Hot Wall: Sam Tsui — He’s so adorable, and he’s such a talented singer.
Hot Wall: Neil Patrick Harris — NPH is legendary.

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