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Happy (Belated) 1st Birthday To My Blog

On September 8th of last year, I posted Beyond Bryn Mawr’s very first post. Since I don’t keep track of anniversaries quite as well as I’d like, this post will commemorate the year-and-a-day anniversary of my blog. Congratulations, Beyond Bryn Mawr, you’ve come a long way.


PeterDangerNoble’s Glitter and Lipstick traces. A summary of my Toilet Revolution

I was sitting on the beach, looking out over the water when a very curious and ridiculously adorable young person peeked out over the side of the bench.
“How come youre dressed like that? BOYS are supposed to wear ties and vests”
I smiled.
“Well, sometimes people are more than just boys or girls.” I replied.
Suddenly this little creature staring up at me got very serious. Eyes wide and lips trembling, it formed a question…
“Like faeries?” it held its breath
And this is it, this was the moment when everything clicked for both of us. I reached down to the pouch on my belt. I grabbed a pinch of my glitter and i leaned down…
“Exactly like faeries.” A wink and a blow.

PeterDangerNoble wrote an post for Genderqueer Chicago a few years ago regarding the Toilet Revolution, and it was wonderful. I’ve included several of my favorite parts to begin and end this post. The Toilet Revolution, according to the Genderqueer Chicago blog, was “a city-wide theatre event intended to challenge gendered bathrooms and the policing of gender non-conforming people who get accosted when trying to pee.”  Continue reading

The Weirdness of Having a Public Blog

It’s a kind of weird having such a public blog. Partly because the quality of writing (especially since starting The Daily Post’s Post A Day challenge) is not always up to my personal standards — it’s a little embarrassing for so many people to see posts that I’ve just thrown together after almost running out of time. Mostly, though, it’s odd because a lot of what I write about is rather personal. Oh, I suppose my blog isn’t truly public in the sense that it doesn’t show up in a Google search of my name (yet — I check on a regular basis), but it’s visible to everyone, and I link to it on Facebook, so most of the people in my life could easily read it.
Continue reading

From Exploring Trans to Beyond Bryn Mawr: Blogging Changes Within the Past Year

A little over a year ago, I started a blog dealing specifically with my personal trans journey that I titled “Exploring Trans.” I wasn’t yet publicly out as trans, so I kept it mostly private and unconnected to the rest of my life. It allowed me to express my frustrations and confusion without needing to burden or educate any specific person. The anonymity of it allowed me to be more honest, more uncensored, than I would generally be — I was basically writing to strangers, not to people who know me, people with whom I interact. However, since coming out and finding trans / genderqueer / gender-knowledgeable community of my own, I’ve essentially abandoned my old trans blog in favor of posting here. Now, my old blog posts function more as a way to remind me where I’ve been, mentally, over the past year of my gender journey. Continue reading

Wordle and Beyond Bryn Mawr

I find Wordle fascinating. Wordle is, for those who don’t know, a website that allows one to make word clouds of websites or chunks of text, based on the most commonly used words. In lieu of my usual style of blog post, I decided to post a Wordle word cloud created from about a dozen of my favorite blog posts.  Continue reading