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Why I’m Wary About the Catholic Church

A few months ago, I mentioned to someone that I was job searching. She suggested that I look into one of the Catholic agencies here in Chicago that help people find work. I expressed concern about it being a Catholic agency, wanting to know what, specifically, it meant that the agency was affiliated with the Catholic Church.

The woman got offended, actually saying that she was insulted that I would say such a thing. Continue reading

Catholicism Confuses Me: Sacred Vessels

Another thing I don’t understand about the Catholic church is the insistence on using expensive materials for the glasses and plate (chalices and patens) used in communion — the Roman Missal, Third Edition, issued by the Holy See in 2000, states, “Sacred vessels are to be made from precious metal. If they are made from metal that rusts or from a metal less precious than gold, then ordinarily they should be gilded on the inside.” Continue reading

Catholicism Confuses Me: Transubstantiation

Even setting aside the more obvious problems I have with the Catholic church’s positions on queer and trans issues, there are a number of things about Catholicism that just don’t make sense to me. Oh, certainly, many of them could be considered relatively small and picky — details, if you will — but the thing about the Catholic church as an institution is that the details matter. It’s very fussy about its details. In particular, today, I’m going to focus on transubstantiation.

I remember upsetting my mom when I was younger by comparing transubstantiation to cannibalism Continue reading