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Please Don’t Call My Drink “Girly”


Today was the boat cruise. Every year, after all papers and exams are done, the seniors at my college have a tradition on going on a dinner cruise on the river with some of the favorite faculty and staff. This was it, and overall, it was awesome.

Parts of it were less awesome. My friend looked at our drinks (she had a Sex On The Beach; another friend and I both had Cosmopolitans) and said, “We’re so girly!” Awesome. Great. Thanks. So not what I want to hear. The next drink I ordered was a vodka tonic. Continue reading

Thank You, Genderqueer Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago (GqC) is actually one of the reasons why I moved to Chicago in the first place — I’d found their blog last spring, and the prospect of being involved with such a group was incredibly exciting. And now, they’re one of the biggest reasons why I am having such a hard time with the idea of leaving Chicago. Today is my last Genderqueer Chicago meeting.  Continue reading

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

It’s Christmas morning. With my family, that means that very shortly, my family and I will be gathered around the Christmas tree, opening presents, eating Christmas rolls (I’m the raisin-hating cousin mentioned in the post), and drinking orange juice freshly squeezed from the Hollieanna Groves oranges that my Floridian grandmother always sends us for Christmas (as I like to call it, Florida in a glass). Afterwards, we’ll eat eggs Benedict and caramel rolls, and then a whole bunch of family and friends will be over for Christmas day. Continue reading