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My College, the Castle

My home for three years at Bryn Mawr

Byrn Mawr College has an incredibly beautiful campus. I loved living there. I also, as I try to gather photos to show people how gorgeous it is, realize that I didn’t take nearly enough photos. I took photos, of course, but most of my best ones are from my very first year. Continue reading

Skinny Dipping In The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Thank you, Katharine Hepburn.

You see, Katharine Hepburn is the one who started the tradition of skinny dipping in the Cloisters. The legend goes that when she was tired of studying in the library (because back in the day, TGH was actually a library), she’d go refresh in the fountain in the Cloisters. Continue reading

The Goddess That Is Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn

Katharine Hepburn is one of Bryn Mawr’s most beloved alumnae. She started our tradition of skinny-dipping in the Cloisters. We watch The Philadelphia Story every May Day. I’d make a nod to the title of my post and nickname her Athena, but I think that borders just a bit too close to sacrilege. Continue reading