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Feminist Fairy Godmother

From Sex with Timaree

I found the above comic on the Sex with Timaree website, and I like it. Giving the person a way to be financially independent (and have a fulfilling career) is totally a better gift than a pretty dress in hopes of catching a prince’s attention.

My Daily Webcomics

There are three webcomics that I read every day (and one that isn’t a daily comic, but I enjoy it anyway): Questionable Content, Minimum Security, and Girls With Slingshots . . . and XKCD. Questionable Content is my favorite. Continue reading

Holy Office: Jesus vs Doctor Who

As an avid fan of Doctor Who, I thought this comic was hilarious. My favorite bits were as follows:

Doctor Who follower: “He’s my Time Lord and Savior!”
Jesus follower: “But that’s just fiction!”
Doctor Who follower: “Please. At least I have video evidence of my messiah. All you have is, what? That collection of Jesus fanfic [the bible] there?”   Continue reading

Just For Fun: Doctor Who Comics

As you probably know, I love Doctor Who. And if you do any kind of Google search, you will soon see that I am not the only one. The following are some of my favorite Doctor Who-related comics and other humorous things.

From Comixed

Continue reading