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Reflections On “A Sense Of Humor”

A Sense Of Humor, a short film written and directed by Nathan Larkin-Connolly, stars Heather Morris (of Glee), John Weselcouch and Ashley Lendzion. Premise? “Laura was born without the ability to laugh. When she meets and falls for Charlie, a struggling stand-up comedian, he makes it his life purpose to get her to crack up.”

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Glee Live Was So Amazing!

Glee in Minneapolis

The Glee Live Tour came to the Target Center in Minneapolis tonight, and I got to see it! It was incredible. Despite my problems with Glee as a show, I really do adore the cast and music of Glee. The cast of Glee is so talented (and Darren Criss joined them for the tour!), and the show exceeded my already high expectations. Continue reading