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I Miss Hell Week at Bryn Mawr

I miss Bryn Mawr. I miss Traditions – Athena, I miss Traditions, especially now that it’s Hell Week. I really, really miss Hell Week, in a way that only another Mawrtyr would understand. I miss being proud of my frosh, and bedtime stories (thank you for the dream, Jane), and ridiculous partying. I miss all of the costumes and the drama of the week. I miss that huge sense of community and unity that sweeps over the campus. I miss being part of something greater. I miss being part of a community and living in a community. I even miss Plenary and complaining about not reaching quorum (and you know it’s bad when you’re missing not having quorum at Plenary). Continue reading

An Open Letter to Bryn Mawr College Frosh Being Helled

Dear Froshlings,

You don’t know me because I graduated from the Mawr last May, but we have a lot in common (like our really awesome dark blue lanterns, most beautiful of all lanterns).  And now, it’s your first Hell Week! What a fabulous week. I’m so excited for you.

I adored Hell Week, and I hope your Hell Week experience is everything you hoped it would be and more. Make the most of Hell Week, really live it to its fullest. Just dive in — I remember thinking that I’d have all sorts of time, but a week is up before you know it (as they say, time flies when you’re having fun). Continue reading