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Christmas Eve Dinner With the Family

Our ornament tree

For years, it’s been tradition in my family that we have my dad’s Swedish meatballs (and, generally, some kind of seafood, partly because I don’t care for Swedish meatballs) for Christmas Eve dinner. This year was no exception, and it was a delicious meal.

The festively set table

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Your Body May Not Make You a Woman, But the Duck Pond Run Makes You a Mawrtyr

“Your body makes you a woman, your mind makes you a scholar, but the duck pond run makes you a Mawrtyr.”

I think every Bryn Mawr student knows that saying; it’s especially prevalent around Hell Week. As much as I love the “the duck pond run makes you a Mawrtyr” sentiment (and I really, truly do), I’m not such a fan of the first part. Even before I identified as trans, I felt something a little off about the beginning. Continue reading