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Reasons I’m Glad I’m Short

As far back as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be taller. When we lined up from tallest to shortest for picture day in lower school, I would always be at or near the end of the line. And as I grew older, it became frustrating that people would think me so young — possibly because I simply look young but also definitely because I’m short. On a flight back to college one winter, the airline people even wanted to make me aware that I need to be fifteen in order sit in the exit row. I still often wish that I were taller, especially because there are so few people my height who are read as male (I’m just over five feet tall, if you didn’t know). Continue reading

Breaking Down The Facade Of Acceptance: Admitting I Feel Lost

Honestly, I am so tired. I’m just tired of everything. And I’m so damn sick of feeling heartbroken. I didn’t even know it was possible for my heart to hurt and feel numb at the same time. There’s this constant emotional ache, a longing to be back in my life in Chicago — to be part of things once more, to see people, to be hugged — and it isn’t going away. Things don’t seem as bright anymore. Continue reading

Who Is A Friend?

How do you define the word friend?

For me, the foundation of pretty much all friendships is communication and discussion. Words and talking are hugely important to me. Friends are the people to whom I turn when I’m excited about something and when I’m upset about something. Friends are the people with whom I have ridiculous conversations about everything and nothing, the people with whom I can have serious and pseudo-serious debates (for example, finding the balance between following one’s passions and needing to support oneself, or whether there is precedent for a companion from the U.S. on Doctor Who).  Continue reading