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Katie Burgess: My New Hero for “Calling Out a Corporate Sponsor at a Pro-LGBT Event”

Katie Burgess, if you didn’t know, is the Executive Director of TYSN (the Trans Youth Support Network*). She also wrote a really fierce post today for The Bilerico Project titled “Solidarity: Calling Out a Corporate Sponsor at a Pro-LGBT Event,” which included her speech at the 18th Annual National Coming Out Day Luncheon last week. I am so incredibly impressed with her, her words, and her speech. Continue reading

Dirty Water Kills More People Than Violence

To be completely honest, I stumbled upon the statistics about unsanitary water in my search for a hammock. MiiR has teamed up with KAMMOK to provide a MiiR water bottle to Kickstarter backers (and $1 of the proceeds from each bottle provides a person with clean drinking water for one year). I followed a link to MiiR and discovered that one in eight people is without access to clean drinking water. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, “at least 1.8 million children under five years-old die every year from water related disease, or one every 20 seconds.” Continue reading