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All Rocks Go to Heaven

All rocks go to heaven. That may not make sense to you unless you’ve seen the series of photos of two churches’ welcome signs (and even then, it still may not make sense). It began with a Catholic church, Our Lady of Martyrs, (and by the way, it was really difficult not automatically typing Mawrtyrs) stating that “all dogs go to heaven.” Beulah, Cumberland Presbyterian church, took offense to the idea that anyone other than a human would go to heaven. It is a hilarious conversation. Continue reading

Barking Cat

Maybe this is doctored, but it seriously looks like the cat is barking at something outside the window. And then, upon realizing that someone has noticed the barking, the cat switches over to purring. Because it’s a cat, you know, not a dog. I think it’s hilarious.

“Harry Freakin’ Potter!” (AVPS Act 1, Part 2 is made of win)

Harry Freakin’ Potter” has been stuck in my head all day. I’m talking to someone about serious, work-type stuff, and I keep wanting to burst into song. StarKid is fantastic, and Act 1, Part 2 of A Very Potter Sequel may be ten of the best minutes I’ve ever watched on YouTube. Hilarious and also very cult classic. The Harry & Ron red vines scene is one of my favorite things, even though I’m not quite sure why (but I so wish that I could spontaneously reenact that with someone one day).

Continue reading

The Sound of American English?

I suppose this video isn’t quite fair, given that there’s a pretty wide variety of accents within the US (from the South, New York, rural Minnesota/the Dakotas, etc.) — not to mention the rest of the countries in “American” — but it really does sound a remarkable amount like English as I know it. Continue reading

The Clothes Off the Eleventh Doctor’s Back

The outfit of Doctor Who‘s Eleventh Doctor, along with a signed script, is being auctioned off in order to raise money for BBC Children in Need. I, of course, am not bidding (there are three and a half days left, and the current bid is already 21,550 pounds), but the video they created to advertise the auction is adorable! Also, it’s been over a month since the last episode aired, and I’m missing Doctor WhoContinue reading

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

I have just discovered the Marcel the Shell With Shoes On videos, and they are the best new thing in the world today. Marcel is hilarious and just too adorable for words. Also completely unexpected (he hang-glides using a Dorito and wears a lentil as a hat). I love it. I was introduced to Marcel by a couple of friends also love the videos, so perhaps I was predisposed to enjoy them, but you should them out for yourself.  Continue reading

My Daily Webcomics

There are three webcomics that I read every day (and one that isn’t a daily comic, but I enjoy it anyway): Questionable Content, Minimum Security, and Girls With Slingshots . . . and XKCD. Questionable Content is my favorite. Continue reading

Holy Office: Jesus vs Doctor Who

As an avid fan of Doctor Who, I thought this comic was hilarious. My favorite bits were as follows:

Doctor Who follower: “He’s my Time Lord and Savior!”
Jesus follower: “But that’s just fiction!”
Doctor Who follower: “Please. At least I have video evidence of my messiah. All you have is, what? That collection of Jesus fanfic [the bible] there?”   Continue reading

Doctor Who and I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

The above video was made by the cast and crew of Doctor Who at the end of David Tennant’s time as the Doctor, and it’s fabulous. Continue reading

Philosophers’ Drinking Song

It made me smile. If the idea of a drinking song involving famous old philosophers makes you laugh, too, you should check this out: