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What’s the best news that you could receive right now?

That I’ve just won one of the big $300 million Powerball lotteries — I can have top surgery at the end of August; I can pay off my friends’ law school loans (and surgery loans, undergrad loans, all kinds of loans); I could fund law school for myself (or possibly grad school for gender studies, something I’ve barely considered because of the cost and low likelihood of being able to find a relevant job). I could move back to Chicago! Continue reading

The Musical Album I’d Bring To A Desert Island

If stranded on a desert island, and could only bring one music album with you, which would it be? What is it about this music that never gets old for you?

That is an enormous question. I listen to so much music that I don’t know where to start. I suppose the first few ideas that pop up are Dar, Ani, and Broadway, but within that — one specific album? Yikes. That’s not really how I listen to music. Continue reading