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Weekend In My Favorite City

This weekend was my second trip back to Chicago since I moved away in April, and it’s been fantastic. I am exhausted; I needed to cancel my credit card this morning because a stranger has it; and I have to wake up at 4 AM tomorrow morning (and later work until at least 10 PM) — but it has been a phenomenal weekend.  Continue reading


La Boheme and the American Chamber Opera Company

The American Chamber Opera Company‘s first performance of La Boheme is this weekend in Chicago — November 19th at Saint John Cantius Church (see below for the related Groupon). If you’re in the Chicago area, you should definitely think about going. And in case you’re not familiar with opera, don’t be nervous: the American Chamber Opera Company was founded with the goal of making opera accessible.

To quote the website, the American Chamber Opera Company’s mission is “to perform full-length opera and oratorio in English” and “to convey a true sense of the composer’s intent in each piece, while making relative connections with [their] audiences.” Additionally, “the company looks to find young artists with exceptional talent to perform the roles.” Continue reading