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14 Restaurants for 2014

There are always tons of restaurants I want to try and simply haven’t gotten around to yet (due to lack of time, the not-optimal location of the restaurant, and/or, most commonly, lack of finances). And now that I have a stable job, I’m going to work actually dining at some of those restaurants. Around the beginning of the year, in lieu of creating New Year’s resolutions, I compiled a list of restaurants to visit this year from all of the restaurants I’ve recently researched. I’ve decided that if I pick a set number and post about it, I may actually make it happen. So, here are those fourteen restaurants that first came to mind:

I’m Keeping My Oxford Comma!

I’ll admit it: I’m that person. I care about my punctuation. I couldn’t read more than the first few sentences of The Color Purple. I’ll say things like “ze is the person for whom this was designed” or “this is the book for which I was waiting.” Although I break grammatical rules all the time, it’s always intentional. But dang it, I’m keeping my Oxford comma; I don’t care if the University of Oxford Writing and Style Guide thinks I should avoid it! Continue reading