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The Amazingness That Is Genderqueer Chicago

After being in Minnesota for nineteen meetings, I was finally able to be at a Genderqueer Chicago meeting last night, and it made me so ecstatic that I could barely contain myself. So many sparkle fingers. I just kept repeating how happy I was to be there, to be with everyone — to finally be back. I also realized how much being at the meeting helps me to clarify my thoughts about the topics (and to introduce new ideas). Continue reading

What If Being Gay Is A Choice?

What if being gay is a choice? Of course, to even consider debating that, we’d need to decide what it meant to “be gay.” Having “homosexual desires,” acting on them, being out, identifying as gay? What about queers? To a certain extent, depending on the definition “being gay” could be a choice (and being queer even more so). If being gay means being out and not acting in a heteronormative way, then yes, being gay is a choice. However, being alive is a choice (continuing to eat, only crossing streets when cars aren’t coming at you, not outright killing oneself — all choices to stay alive). Continue reading

I Have Such Wonderful People In My Life

The people in my life are amazing. They really, truly are. People back in Minnesota, people in Chicago, people at Bryn Mawr, people elsewhere — so fantastic. My friends, my family, the other people in my communities: I am so lucky.

I know so many amazing people who are involved with so many amazing things. They are wonderful for so very many reasons — for being fierce activists but also for being great friends, for what they do for the world and for what they do for me. Continue reading

Celebrating My Mom’s Birthday All Month

Mom and me, October 2010

Monday night, as I was falling asleep, I planned my February 15th blog post — I was going to write about how awesome my mom is, in honor of her birthday. Unfortunately, when I woke up in the morning, I’d completely forgotten about my blogging intentions. I remembered my mom’s birthday, of course — I even called and sang her “Happy Birthday” (a family tradition, the song is very important). I just forgot that I’d wanted to post about something specific.

However, my (maternal) grandmother’s theory is that birthdays should be celebrated all month. And so, I’m posting my “I love my mom” post today. Here goes: Continue reading


“Dream big about how fierce and beautiful we want the world to be.”

I’ve only been interning with TJLP* (the Transformative Justice Law Project, about which I’ve blogged previously) for a matter of months, but it has already been one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. There is something really magical about TJLP — a combination of the people, the clients, the values upon which TJLP was founded, and maybe some kind of special TJLP essence. Continue reading

Who Is A Friend?

How do you define the word friend?

For me, the foundation of pretty much all friendships is communication and discussion. Words and talking are hugely important to me. Friends are the people to whom I turn when I’m excited about something and when I’m upset about something. Friends are the people with whom I have ridiculous conversations about everything and nothing, the people with whom I can have serious and pseudo-serious debates (for example, finding the balance between following one’s passions and needing to support oneself, or whether there is precedent for a companion from the U.S. on Doctor Who).  Continue reading