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Finally Back in Chicago

It has been exactly nine months since I last posted. During that time, a lot has happened. Most importantly, I moved back to Chicago a few weeks ago. Since I originally started this blog the first time I moved to Chicago, I decided that I should take up the blog again, now that I’ve moved back. Continue reading

How I Make Decisions: Emotions vs. Logic

A few months ago, I realized that I tend to make decisions instinctively and almost immediately. I know that this likely sounds utterly ridiculous to most people who know me because I’m typically incredibly indecisive. However, I’ve realized that, in terms of big decisions, I tend to go with gut instincts. From there, it seems as though I’m indecisive because I constantly second-guess myself, and I do endless research in hopes of somehow “proving” that I’m making the right decision, and I want to figure out all of the logistics of how to go through with my decision and how to deal with the consequences of it. Continue reading

I Don’t Believe That Everything Happens For A Reason

Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Why or why not?

I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason. There seems to be a danger to that line of thought, a danger similar to a danger of moral/cultural relativism — the hesitance to create change, the assumption that things are as they should be and so should not be judged or criticized. After all, why do anything to combat injustice if that injustice is happening for a reason? Continue reading

What Chicago Has Done For Me

When I was in A.P. Biology, during my junior year in high school, we raised Monarch butterflies: we watched them grow from little dots on a leaf into beautiful butterflies. Actually watching them emerge from their chrysalises as fully formed butterflies was amazing. In some ways, I feel like Chicago has helped me with my own butterfly-like transformation. Continue reading

Thank You, Genderqueer Chicago

Genderqueer Chicago (GqC) is actually one of the reasons why I moved to Chicago in the first place — I’d found their blog last spring, and the prospect of being involved with such a group was incredibly exciting. And now, they’re one of the biggest reasons why I am having such a hard time with the idea of leaving Chicago. Today is my last Genderqueer Chicago meeting.  Continue reading