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The Maddow Blog Caterpillars Remind Me Of My Own

Tricia, from The Maddow Blog (the blog connected to The Rachel Maddow Show), announced a little while ago that two Monarch caterpillars have been found and need names. It made me think of the time I raised Monarch butterflies — I had two of them as part of A.P. Bio my junior year in high school. Continue reading

Name Change Updates!

I’m aware that I’ve already posted about the two biggest parts of the name change process (filing the paperwork and the court date). It seems, however, that the name change process just keep continuing on and on and on. Who knew that there were so very many things to change?

Today, I changed my name on my bank accounts! I had originally thought that I needed to have my state ID in order to change my name on my bank accounts, and since Minnesota actually mails the updated licenses back to people (making it take eleven days and counting*, instead of the two minutes it takes in Chicago), I’d been putting off changing my name at the bank. I discovered today, however, that all it takes is the judgement order (that beautiful form, an official copy of which I carry everywhere with me). So, the names on my accounts are now all my fabulous new legal name, and I’m just waiting to receive my revised debit and credit cards. And, I will shortly have brand new checks — and I know exactly to whom I’m writing my very first check as Ryan (hint: I’ve been trying to get people to donate to them for ages). Continue reading

What Chicago Has Done For Me

When I was in A.P. Biology, during my junior year in high school, we raised Monarch butterflies: we watched them grow from little dots on a leaf into beautiful butterflies. Actually watching them emerge from their chrysalises as fully formed butterflies was amazing. In some ways, I feel like Chicago has helped me with my own butterfly-like transformation. Continue reading

How I Got My Name

How did you get your name?

The Daily Post’s 83rd topic prompt, for the 28th of March, is “How did you get your name? — Who chose it, and why?” That’s kind of wonderful, given that March 28th is the day that I legally changed my name to my chosen name. Continue reading

Legal Name Change! My Name Is Ryan

The judge just signed my legal name change forms at the Daley Center! Not my best photo (I'm both really tired and really happy), but it was a momentous occasion.

Today, I finally had my court date to legally change my name! Despite all of my fears, it went so smoothly — a really fantastic experience (similar to the how well the paperwork went). Continue reading

MN Birthday Trip in Haiku, Two Poems Per Day


Bailey’s from Southwest.

Chocolate pie for dessert.

Yay for my birthday! Continue reading

Best. Haircut. Experience. Ever!

My New Haircut

I usually dread getting my hair cut. Part of it stems from the fact that I’m just not very good at standing up for myself and asking for what I want. So I’ll go, and they’ll treat me like a woman, and I wouldn’t say anything, and I’ll end up with a haircut that is, at least, short. And as it grows out, it’ll look more and more feminizing, yet I’ll continue to procrastinate getting my hair cut again because I don’t want to deal with the experience.

Well, enough is enough. Continue reading

Success at the Daley Center!

TJLP Attorneys, Interns, and Volunteers at the Name Change Mobilization

Yesterday was such an incredible day. Transformative. Rad. So freaking awesome.

It was the first of TJLP‘s Name Change Mobilizations, and I feel incredibly honored and humbled to work with such a fierce group of activists. Continue reading

Coming Out With Pride

I’m trans. Transgender. Rather genderqueer. Definitely not a woman. Probably not a man, either. I’m trans, and I’m proud of it.

I’m not particularly attached to any set of pronouns right now, but I’d really prefer something other than feminine pronouns. I generally try to use gender-neutral pronouns (I think of myself using they/them/their, but I also accept ze/hir), although I’ve been experimenting with masculine pronouns lately.

I’m going by Ryan now. It’s been brilliant, being in Chicago — GenderQueer Chicago is like starting anew, a fresh slate with people who have never known me as a woman. Continue reading