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Favorite Parts of the 2011 Tony Awards

I have been showing everyone a handful of clips from this year’s Tony Awards — “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon, Hugh Jackman and Neil Patrick Harris doing their little mock battle/duet, and NPH’s closing rap. I think they are just so fabulous. I loved this year’s Tony Awards.  Continue reading

A Collection of Thoughts Regarding the 65th Annual Tony Awards

In a lot of ways, to me, the Tonys seem cooler than the Oscars (and certainly more so than the Emmys). When I was younger, my theatre friends and I even had parties in order to watch the Tonys together. The Oscars have the best dresses, but people perform parts of musicals at the Tonys! So cool. Plus, it’s Broadway. I mean, really, need anything more be said?  Continue reading

Hot Wall: Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Oh, man, how I do love Neil Patrick Harris. I will be forever grateful to my senior year suitemate for introducing me to him (well, through Doogie Houser, M.D. and How I Met Your Mother). She would watch the episodes on her laptop, and I’d end up getting pulled in based solely on what I would overhear from across the room. Eventually, we just started watching the show together, starting with the first season. Continue reading

Last Words

Marshall railing at the unfairness of his father's death and the meaninglessness of his last words in How I Met Your Mother

I watched How I Met Your Mother a few weeks ago (my senior year roommate got me hooked on the show through the NPH connection). It was an emotional episode — Marshall is at his dad’s funeral, and he’s really having a hard time with the triviality of his father’s last words to him.

It just made me think: I hardly ever remember the last thing someone has said to me. I don’t know if I’d be able to recall the specific last conversation I had with someone close to me. Continue reading