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I Can Reason My Way Into Anything: I’m a Philosophy Major

So, you’re just . . . going against all logic and the weather? . . . . I’m sure you could justify it; you’re a philosophy major.

My friend made the above comment to me my senior year in college. It was November in Bryn Mawr, and I was refusing to wear more than a hoodie. As far as I was concerned, if I didn’t wear a coat, it would somehow not yet be winter — mind over matter, right? So I was adamantly opposed to wearing a coat (for a little while longer, anyway). Continue reading

Doctor Who and Philosophy

I’ve started watching the 2005 version of Doctor Who, and I’ve been loving it. It’s hilarious, and it’s poignant, and I adore David Tennant as the tenth Doctor. However, watching it has also gotten me thinking about a number of philosophical questions. In particular, the Doctor’s regenerations make me think about the problem of personal identity. Continue reading

Thesis Trouble

The thesis is such an integral part of the Bryn Mawr experience that it has its own Step Sing song (“I’ve Been Working On My Thesis”), and it’s the beginning of another (“Colossal Pain”). Everyone knows about theses: we’re told horror stories about them for three years.

Perhaps needless to say, I was nervous about the thesis process (“terrified” might be a more accurate word — if some of the seniors I’d talked to were to be believed, my thesis was going to eat my soul). The start of junior year rolled around, and I still had no idea what the topic of my thesis would be. Oh, I had mumbled a little to the philosophy major advisor the spring before about queer theory (not that I had read any Foucault or ever studied queer theory at Bryn Mawr), but after not managing to get through either of the Judith Butler books I had checked out over the summer, that was looking less and less promising. To make matters worse, my thesis advisor was on some kind of emergency medical leave for the first half of the semester. Better and better, right? Continue reading