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Christmas Eve Dinner With the Family

Our ornament tree

For years, it’s been tradition in my family that we have my dad’s Swedish meatballs (and, generally, some kind of seafood, partly because I don’t care for Swedish meatballs) for Christmas Eve dinner. This year was no exception, and it was a delicious meal.

The festively set table

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All Rocks Go to Heaven

All rocks go to heaven. That may not make sense to you unless you’ve seen the series of photos of two churches’ welcome signs (and even then, it still may not make sense). It began with a Catholic church, Our Lady of Martyrs, (and by the way, it was really difficult not automatically typing Mawrtyrs) stating that “all dogs go to heaven.” Beulah, Cumberland Presbyterian church, took offense to the idea that anyone other than a human would go to heaven. It is a hilarious conversation. Continue reading

Florida Alligators

My Floridian grandparents are coming to visit for Christmas this year, which reminds me of one of my last trips to Florida. We visited a state park at which we took a boat trip and saw a bunch of alligators, as well as a variety of birds and majestic cypress trees. I was definitely glad to have my camera.

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October Sky

Because I’ve been working the 1pm – 10pm shift at work lately, plus overtime, I haven’t been able to take photos after I get home from work: it’s far too dark. I took a few photos last weekend, however, and they reminded me how pretty the sky can look around sunset, even without actually seeing the setting sun itself.  Continue reading

Outdoors and My Dad’s Digital SLR

I didn’t feel like writing a blog post today, so I thought I’d take a few photos. I borrowed my dad’s digital SLR camera (I’m constantly finding excuses to use it; it’s a fantastic camera) and headed outside, taking photos of anything that caught my eye. Continue reading

Glitter Guts and the Smallest Thing

What is the smallest thing near you? Write a paragraph about it.

As I sat at my computer, the smallest thing near me happens to be a little square card advertising GlitterGuts.com. I got it at Queerer Park‘s Homo-Coming last fall — at Beauty Bar, near my apartment. Continue reading