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I Just Hugged Joey Mogul

The Dream Team (photo by Carrie Maxwell of The Windy City Times)

Joey Mogul, if you didn’t know, is the author (well, along with Andrea Ritchie and Kay Whitlock) of the new book Queer (In)Justice, about which I will blog once I have finished it. She is also an adjunct professor for DePaul University College of Law’s Civil Rights Clinic and an attorney for the People’s Law Office. In short, Joey Mogul is awesome.

I spent roughly ten hours today at the Chicago-Kent Lambdas 2011 LGBT Civil Rights Conference. The absolute highlight (well, along with Owen’s part of the Transgender Rights panel about trans prisoners’ rights and drinking wine with a few awesome people at the following reception) was the panel “Policing, Prosecution, and Punishment of LGBTQ People” with Joey Mogul, Owen Daniel-McCarter, and Avi Rudnick*. It. Was. So. Fierce. Continue reading

I Want To Be A Mermaid!

My new goal in life is to be a mermaid.

No, seriously, it is. Just not in the usually understood meaning of the word “mermaid.” Last night, I went to the Transformative Justice Law Project‘s Name Change Mobilization Advocate Training. Basically, TJLP is having volunteer-run days in order to help transgender and gender non-conforming people legally change their names (because the paperwork and all is stressful. And the building is intimidating), and it was about teaching the volunteers what to do. Continue reading