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All Rocks Go to Heaven

All rocks go to heaven. That may not make sense to you unless you’ve seen the series of photos of two churches’ welcome signs (and even then, it still may not make sense). It began with a Catholic church, Our Lady of Martyrs, (and by the way, it was really difficult not automatically typing Mawrtyrs) stating that “all dogs go to heaven.” Beulah, Cumberland Presbyterian church, took offense to the idea that anyone other than a human would go to heaven. It is a hilarious conversation. Continue reading

Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

I have just discovered the Marcel the Shell With Shoes On videos, and they are the best new thing in the world today. Marcel is hilarious and just too adorable for words. Also completely unexpected (he hang-glides using a Dorito and wears a lentil as a hat). I love it. I was introduced to Marcel by a couple of friends also love the videos, so perhaps I was predisposed to enjoy them, but you should them out for yourself.  Continue reading

Sometimes I Wish I Were A Kangaroo

Sometimes I wish I were a kangaroo. Other times, I think that if I were a supermodel, then everyone would want to be my friend. But still the thought lingers: why don’t I own a waffle iron?

One day in seventh grade, I walked into my classroom (well, the smaller auditorium — I had homeroom or English or something like that) to find the above passage written on the white board. I thought it was fantastic — absolutely the perfect mix of random statements.  Continue reading