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Neil Gaimon’s Wish This Year: To Make Mistakes

Neil Gaimon has gorgeous wishes for the new year. Seriously. I wish they were my words. His new year’s wishes are unexpected and challenging and thought-provoking — not merely to have a good year or a happy year — and this year is no different:

And for this year, my wish for each of us is small and very simple.

And it’s this.

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.

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2012 New Year’s Resolutions

I didn’t do so well with resolutions in 2011 — I made lots of them, and for many of them, it was rather hard to determine whether or not I actually fulfilled them. I’m hoping that by making this year’s resolutions more concrete, less abstract, and fewer in number, I’ll do better this year. Continue reading

New Goal This Summer: Get In Shape

I realized this morning that I am really out of shape. I took this yoga-y “fitness fusion” class this morning, and oh my Athena, I had no idea that the downward dog position was so difficult! And it just got more difficult from there. I kept getting all wibbly-wobbly (and not in an interesting, timey-wimey sort of way). And my arms and shoulders are now really sore. So, my newest goal (actually, a lapsed resolution from New Year’s) is to work on getting in shape. Continue reading

Broken Promises and Castles Built On Air

When I was little, there was someone I idolized. She was brilliant, and I loved her. She was always full of grandiose ideas. She always made plans — we’ll make Christmas cookies, complete with edible silver dragees; we’ll go for sushi at the place where her friend works; we’ll go see you in your high school play. Some of the ideas I knew would never come true — that wasn’t even really the point of them — tours around California, for example — these wonderful, brilliant plans that I knew weren’t real, but I couldn’t help but get swept up in her enthusiasm, imagining just for a moment how incredible it would be if they were true. Some of them . . . some of them I really thought were meant as promises, not just building castles in the air — those were the ones that really hurt when nothing ever happened. Continue reading

“Don’t Laugh At Me”

I first heard Mark Wills’ song “Don’t Laugh At Me” at camp, almost ten years ago. It’s a lovely song — the music itself tugs at my heartstrings a little, and the lyrics send a powerful message. It’s not perfect, and I’m a bit uncomfortable with the implication that it is because god views us as equals that bullying isn’t acceptable, but I do like that it seems honest and real.

Don’t laugh at me / Don’t call me names / Don’t get your pleasure from my pain” — It doesn’t try to pretend that we should all live together as one big happy family; all the song asks for is for people to be acknowledged and be recognized as fellow humans, for people not to be torn down in order to make others feel better about themselves. Is that so much to ask? Continue reading

I’m Posting Every Day of 2011!

In keeping with my resolution to post blog entries more regularly, I’m starting The Daily Post‘s PostADay. They’ll provide blogging prompts and topics each day throughout the year. I originally thought that I would participate in the PostAWeek — I worried that holding myself to a standard of blogging everyday would prioritize quantity over quality. I didn’t want to post blog entries with which I’m not satisfied, just to say that I’ve posted. I wanted my blog to mean something. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Whereas, it is the start of the year 2011,

Whereas, it is customary to make resolutions at the start of the new year,

Understanding, that I have intentions and wishes for the future,

Be it resolved that the following resolutions are made: Continue reading