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Chicago Restaurant Week 2014: iNG



Chicago Restaurant Week finally arrived, and I was really excited about starting it off with iNG, a restaurant featuring molecular gastronomy that I’ve been wanting to try for ages. They use miracle berries, and they change up their menu on a regular basis. When I went to iNG on January 24th, the menu was based on the artwork of Salvador Dali. The food was highly inventive, and the plating was creative, but overall, I was left underwhelmed. (Also, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos: the restaurant was very dimly lit.) Continue reading

2011: A Year In Blog Posts

Since I’ve been posting every day this year, my blog has, in some senses, taken the place of a journal for me this year. The highlights, the low points, the important decisions and processing to be done — nearly all of it has been recorded in some form or fashion. I’ve looked through my posts from this year and have seen how they have covered how 2011 has gone for me. This is the result. Continue reading

Wise Acre Eatery

I love Wise Acre Eatery. I first heard about it from a review in the Star Tribune (the local Minneapolis paper): they raved about the food. Wise Acre Eatery prides itself on using mostly using harvest from the Tanglewood Gardens’ farm in Plato, MN. All of their meat products come from that farm — animals that lived “stress-free, hormone-free lives with plenty of room to roam.” The food is delicious, and nearly everything is house-made. Continue reading

Milk & Honey Cafe

I’ve gone to Milk & Honey Cafe several times — once with my roommate when we were looking for furniture, once with my cousin when she was visiting from Indiana, and once by myself, fairly recently before I left Chicago, because I was really craving a bagel with smoked salmon and cream cheese. Milk & Honey Cafe is located on Division, less than a mile away from where my apartment was in Chicago. The food was always excellent; if I’d had more money, I would have been there far more frequently.  Continue reading

Primehouse: A Burger Like No Other

After my trip to David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago (which I chose because of this review) last March, I have learned two things. First of all, Primehouse has an unbelieveable burger. And secondly, when I go to restaurants by myself, I need to decide what I’m going to order before I enter the restaurant. Continue reading

In Honor of Pi Day: Hoosier Mama Pie Company

In honor of National Pi Day, I decided to make today’s post be about Hoosier Mama Pie Company. Hoosier Mama Pie Company has been on my list of places to try before I leave Chicago, and I’ve finally made the trip. It was absolutely worth it. So much so, as a matter of fact, that I’ve gone back several times (that it’s within walking distance of my apartment has a seriously negative effect on my ability to deny my pie cravings).

Hoosier Mama Pie Company

Continue reading

Belly Shack

Korean BBQ Beef (to go)

I was heading home from the office via the Blue Line when I walked past Belly Shack, just under the Western stop. I would have passed by, but the word “Korean” caught my eye (it’s a fusion restaurant). As I paused to check their menu, the door opened, giving me a whiff of Korean food. It smelled so good. I haven’t had Korean food of any kind in months, and I just couldn’t resist. Continue reading

A Lovely Bakeshop

Lovely: A Bake Shop

I lunched yesterday at Lovely: A Bakeshop, a little bakery right around the corner from my apartment, as I had a Groupon needing to be used.

I started with a pain au chocolat. Although it was smaller than I would have liked, it was delicious. Flakey, buttery, that crisp outer layer — this was no cheap supermarket croissant; this was the real deal. The chocolate was dark and actual chocolate, not that grainy, oversweet paste found in substandard chocolate croissants.

Pain Au Chocolat from Lovely

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