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The Best New Thing: Sex With Timaree (Podcast Edition)

On The Rachel Maddow Show, Rachel has a segment about “The Best New Thing In The World Today.” Well, I’m going to borrow that idea because the best new thing in my world today is the Sex with Timaree podcast. I’ve just discovered it, and it’s made the time fly by during my last two commutes home. It’s fantastic — I started listening because of her interview with Qui Alexander (a really awesome person I kinda knew in college), and then I got pulled in with the “Drag, Burlesque, Gender and The Notorious OMG” interview. Continue reading

What If Being Gay Is A Choice?

What if being gay is a choice? Of course, to even consider debating that, we’d need to decide what it meant to “be gay.” Having “homosexual desires,” acting on them, being out, identifying as gay? What about queers? To a certain extent, depending on the definition “being gay” could be a choice (and being queer even more so). If being gay means being out and not acting in a heteronormative way, then yes, being gay is a choice. However, being alive is a choice (continuing to eat, only crossing streets when cars aren’t coming at you, not outright killing oneself — all choices to stay alive). Continue reading

Why I Am Queer

For me, queer is more than an orientation or preference. Queerness is political. For me, it is about the marginalized, the oppressed, the forgotten. It is about not assimilating. It is about not pretending that we’re “just like heterosexual people.” Queers aren’t all white, aren’t all middle or upper class, aren’t all cisgendered, aren’t all (temporarily) abled bodied. Queers break binaries. Continue reading