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Rihanna at the Target Center

Rihanna at the Target Center

Last night, my two Twin Cities-based cousins and I went to the Rihanna concert at the Target Center. It was like no show I’d ever seen before. Half a dozen costume changes, pyrotechnics, glitter, platforms rising into the air — the works. Granted, I’ve never been to a concert so big before (Dar, Ani, Flogging Molly . . . I suppose the Glee tour comes the closest). All in all, Rihanna really puts on a show.

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Lucas Carpenter at Bryn Mawr College

Lucas Carpenter

In the spring of 2010, the Hush Sound performed at Bryn Mawr. I’m very glad I went to the concert for two reasons: firstly, I had a really great conversation with one of the frosh from my hall about my thesis which resulted in her understanding that there’s a distinction between gender and sex (my thesis scores once again for being that handy ice-breaker in introducing someone to thinking about gender in new ways), and secondly, I discovered Lucas Carpenter.  Continue reading

Hot Wall: Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-Jones

I know I should probably say that it all started when I saw her in The Mask of Zorro, but honestly? It didn’t. I saw and loved The Mask of Zorro, but I didn’t know who the actress was. It wasn’t until Chicago that I became fascinated with Catherine Zeta-Jones (she also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for that role, as well as the equivalent BAFTA and SAG awards). There was just something about her voice, her stage presence, her look. And then, when I watched the extras on the DVD, I discovered that she actually started out doing musical theatre, and I decided she was amazing. Continue reading

I Want To Be Blaine Anderson

Darren Criss as Blaine on Glee, singing with the Dalton Academy Warblers

This isn’t some statement of an additional change in name: I’m still Ryan. Right now, I’m talking about Darren Criss. Well, Darren Criss’ character on Glee, anyway — Blaine (they haven’t mentioned his last name yet, but rumor has it that it’s Anderson). I’m not certain there’s every been a fictional character I wanted to emulate as much as him. And by “him,” I should make clear, I mean “Blaine, the singer and lead vocalist of the Warblers,” not “Blaine, the high school student and well-intentioned dispenser of often misguided advice.”  Continue reading

Hot Wall: Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison is fantastic. He’s most well known for his part as Will Schuester on Glee, and frankly, that’s how I discovered him. I’m a bit ambivalent about his character, but there’s no denying that Morrison is extremely talented. Continue reading

The Magic That Is Darren Criss

Darren Criss

I’ve discovered a new favorite. Favorite what, I’m not entirely certain — favorite actor, favorite singer, favorite sorta-celebrity, favorite random-recent-college-grad-I-don’t-actually-know. All I know is that Darren Criss is, if you’ll pardon the A Very Potter Musical allusion, totally awesome. Continue reading