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Dar Williams in Saint Paul!

I adore Dar. And while I think that absolute best Dar concert is the Dar-at-Bryn-Mawr concert, tonight was pretty excellent (even though it was Dar and someone else). The first half of the concert consisted of Joan Osborne and then, finally, what I’d been waiting for all night — Dar appeared on stage. And she was her endearing, quirky, warm, exceptional self. It was a fantastic concert.  Continue reading

Wonderwall: Bryn Mawr, Lake Michigan, and Alex Goot

I love the song “Wonderwall.” And as I was listening to Alex Goot’s cover of it the other day, I started getting nostalgic. From BMC to Chicago, I have a lot of good memories of “Wonderwall.” Continue reading

Stanford Fleet Street Singers’ “Prayer To The God Of Partial Credit”

A lot has happened today; hopefully, I’ll post about that tomorrow. Until then, I have one of the first videos I ever took with my very first digital camera, way back in 2007. My camera’s quality wasn’t very good; my hands weren’t very steady; I hadn’t quite figured out how to take the perfect a cappella video (I had it basically perfected by my senior year, though). However, the Stanford Fleet Street Singers are amazing (well worth watching an imperfect video), and “Prayer To The God Of Partial Credit” has been one of my favorite a cappella songs since I first saw it performed at Bryn Mawr, in March of 2007. Continue reading

Caitlin Heaney: Talented Singer/Songwriter and YouTube Performer

You should all check out my friend Caitlin’s YouTube channel at CaitlinHeaneyMusic. She’s got a fantastic voice, and she also plays piano and guitar. She writes her own songs and music, as well as singing really great covers of a wide variety of songs (she’s very talented). I haven’t heard her sing in person in years, but I always love watching one of music videos on YouTube.  Continue reading

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 1: Your Favorite Song

My friend is participating in a challenge on Facebook regarding posts about songs, and it looked like fun, so here I go!

Day 1: Your favorite song

Oh, no, I’m going to fail this challenge before I even really start. I don’t think I can pick one song. I love so very many songs, and I have strong sentimental attachments to a lot of songs.

According to my iTunes, my top five most played songs are as follows:  Continue reading

Glee Live Was So Amazing!

Glee in Minneapolis

The Glee Live Tour came to the Target Center in Minneapolis tonight, and I got to see it! It was incredible. Despite my problems with Glee as a show, I really do adore the cast and music of Glee. The cast of Glee is so talented (and Darren Criss joined them for the tour!), and the show exceeded my already high expectations. Continue reading

Flogging Molly!

Flogging Molly's Nathen Maxwell and me at the Congress Theater

The Flogging Molly concert wasn’t like the Ani concert. At all. At the Ani concert, people actually appeared to act like vaguely civilized beings. To be honest (and perhaps this is obvious), Flogging Molly was my first big concert. The whole crowd-surfing thing was new to me; the absolutely ridiculous shoving and fighting that went on completely took me by surprise.

Continue reading

The Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus

The other day, I rediscovered the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus‘s contribution to The Trevor Project‘s “It Gets Better” project. (I had been watching the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles‘s “It Gets Better” video of “True Colors.”)

When the Chorus started singing, I was immediately reminded of Bryn Mawr — it took me by surprise for a second, before I realized that the song was to the tune of “Dona Nobis Pacem,” which is my class’s round (and which we sing at Step Sings). The artistic director, Dr. Stan Hill, wrote new lyrics for the purpose of the video:

When you’re sad and alone, when bullies hurt you,
It gets better. Better every day.
Reach out, you’re not alone.
It gets better. Better every day.
Seek peace. Find it deep within you.
It gets better. Better every day. Continue reading

Lucas Carpenter at Bryn Mawr College

Lucas Carpenter

In the spring of 2010, the Hush Sound performed at Bryn Mawr. I’m very glad I went to the concert for two reasons: firstly, I had a really great conversation with one of the frosh from my hall about my thesis which resulted in her understanding that there’s a distinction between gender and sex (my thesis scores once again for being that handy ice-breaker in introducing someone to thinking about gender in new ways), and secondly, I discovered Lucas Carpenter.  Continue reading

Wicked: My First Trip To Broadway

Megan Hilty and Eden Espinoza as Glinda and Elphaba in Wicked

Broadway is magic: I’ve always loved Broadway musicals. When I turned eighteen, my mom took me to New York for the weekend to see Wicked. It was the best birthday present ever. I could hardly believe that I was actually there, on Broadway, where it all happens. Continue reading