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I Miss Hell Week at Bryn Mawr

I miss Bryn Mawr. I miss Traditions – Athena, I miss Traditions, especially now that it’s Hell Week. I really, really miss Hell Week, in a way that only another Mawrtyr would understand. I miss being proud of my frosh, and bedtime stories (thank you for the dream, Jane), and ridiculous partying. I miss all of the costumes and the drama of the week. I miss that huge sense of community and unity that sweeps over the campus. I miss being part of something greater. I miss being part of a community and living in a community. I even miss Plenary and complaining about not reaching quorum (and you know it’s bad when you’re missing not having quorum at Plenary). Continue reading

Happy Lantern Night, Bryn Mawr

My lantern, from Lantern Night 2006

Bryn Mawr College has four major Traditions: Parade Night, Lantern Night, Hell Week, and May Day. Tonight is Lantern Night 2011, and that means that the class of 2015 is receiving their lanterns, complete with green glass panes.  Continue reading

Better Dead Than Co-Ed?

Mawrtyrs have rallied on Facebook today in response to something posted online by a person who transferred away from Bryn Mawr, a post that denigrated virtually everything about Bryn Mawr (and women’s colleges in general), other than the academics. I am not linking to that post because I do not wish to bring more attention to her words; however, I would like to share a few thoughts about the Mawr.

We have a little saying at Bryn Mawr: “better dead than co-ed.” Continue reading

Happy Parade Night To All

On Parade Night two years ago, I had my very first Bryn Mawr Tradition and Step Sing as a senior. It was an amazing night. Last year, Parade Night was the first Tradition I missed, and it made me especially miss Bryn Mawr. This year, I am thrilled to be back visiting Chicago, and I spent much of tonight with a fantastic fellow Mawrtyr (the second Mawrtyr I’ve seen since I graduated). Continue reading

May Day: The Perfect Sunday

Topic #233: Describe the perfect Sunday.

May Day is the perfect Sunday. Traditions, Mawrtyrs, strawberries and cream, the May Hole, Step Sing, The Philadelphia Story, drinks on the Green: all set against the unparalleled backdrop of Bryn Mawr College — how could a Sunday be better? Ordinarily, I’m not especially attached to any particular day, but Bryn Mawr’s May Day is always on Sunday, and every May Day I have attended has been glorious. Continue reading

Dar Williams at Bryn Mawr College

In a way, my experience at Bryn Mawr was bookended by Dar Williams concerts. My very first exposure to Dar was when she performed in Goodhart at the beginning of my freshman year (possibly before classes even started). And near the end of my senior year, she came back to Bryn Mawr and performed in TGH (Thomas Great Hall, to all not in the know). Continue reading

Missing May Day

Strawberries and cream with mimosas: an excellent way to start a May Day

Today is May Day, and I am in Minnesota. May Day is the last of Bryn Mawr’s four big Traditions, and this year is the first May Day I’ve missed since I first discovered Bryn  Mawr College’s May Day. Despite the fact that I am 1,200 miles away from the festivities at Bryn Mawr, despite the fact that I am an alum, today is still May Day, and May Day will always mean Bryn Mawr to me before International Workers’ Day, or Beltane, or anything else. I will always be a Mawrtyr at heart. Continue reading

Skinny Dipping In The Cloisters

The Cloisters

Thank you, Katharine Hepburn.

You see, Katharine Hepburn is the one who started the tradition of skinny dipping in the Cloisters. The legend goes that when she was tired of studying in the library (because back in the day, TGH was actually a library), she’d go refresh in the fountain in the Cloisters. Continue reading

Your Body May Not Make You a Woman, But the Duck Pond Run Makes You a Mawrtyr

“Your body makes you a woman, your mind makes you a scholar, but the duck pond run makes you a Mawrtyr.”

I think every Bryn Mawr student knows that saying; it’s especially prevalent around Hell Week. As much as I love the “the duck pond run makes you a Mawrtyr” sentiment (and I really, truly do), I’m not such a fan of the first part. Even before I identified as trans, I felt something a little off about the beginning. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Bryn Mawr College Frosh Being Helled

Dear Froshlings,

You don’t know me because I graduated from the Mawr last May, but we have a lot in common (like our really awesome dark blue lanterns, most beautiful of all lanterns).  And now, it’s your first Hell Week! What a fabulous week. I’m so excited for you.

I adored Hell Week, and I hope your Hell Week experience is everything you hoped it would be and more. Make the most of Hell Week, really live it to its fullest. Just dive in — I remember thinking that I’d have all sorts of time, but a week is up before you know it (as they say, time flies when you’re having fun). Continue reading