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My 5 Most Important Books, Part 1

Topic #199: List the 5 most important books you’ve read

Over the past six months or so, I’ve encountered a number of books that have deeply influenced how I think — to the point that my list of most influential books has changed almost entirely from what it was even a year ago. While I reflect on those changes, here is my previous list of most important books:  Continue reading

Is Feminism Outdated? / The Need for Trans Liberation

Or perhaps I should ask, is the word feminism outdated? I’m not questioning whether we live in a postfeminist society, as I think the answer’s pretty clear — compared to (cis)men, (cis)women still make fewer than eighty cents on the dollar, there are still huge double standards, etc. etc. etc. However, the feminist movement’s narrow focus (women’s equality, women’s rights) does not seem expansive enough for the society in which we live. Continue reading