I Miss Hope’s Cookies

Hope's Royale from Hope's Cookies

One of my favorite things in all of Bryn Mawr is the Hope’s Royale cookie at Hope’s Cookies. It has macadamia nuts, coconut, and chocolate chips — and it is wonderful. Hope’s Cookies was actually founded by a Bryn Mawr alum, Hope Spivak of the class of 1983, which makes going to Hope’s Cookies a little extra special.

Hope’s Cookies are definitely tied to Bryn Mawr College in my mind. I would occasionally make the trek up to the little store by Peace-A-Pizza on Lancaster Ave, but more often than that, I’d eat Hope’s cookies at Bryn Mawr. They serve almost Hope’s cookies (made from Hope’s Cookies dough) in the dining halls and at Uncommon Grounds, the cafe on campus. We also had them a lot at various events — catered when speakers came and sometimes at group meetings or teas.

I almost ordered cookies from Hope’s Cookies with another BMC alum in Chicago this past spring. After all, Hope’s ships cookies — you can buy them by the dozen and even choose exactly how many of each flavor you want — and it is so tempting. I could just go here and order myself a little bit of Bryn Mawr in cookie form.

As of yet, I have managed to hold off on indulging the Hope’s Cookies cravings. They’re a luxury (because they need to be shipped halfway across the country) and an indulgence (because, well, cookies aren’t particularly healthy, and a dozen cookies at one time are even less so). But one of these days, those Hope’s Cookies will be mine once more.

One response to “I Miss Hope’s Cookies

  1. Yum! The picture says it all!

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